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Welcome to Goodgame Empire Battle Tactics

Welcome to Goodgame Empire Battle Info and Tactics. This website is based on the multiplayer game Goodgame Empire. Goodgame Empire is the most popular game on Miniclip Games and has been nominated for theexternal links for paying members only. The game is all about building your own castle and defeating other players in tactical fights on a giant world map. Click the following icons to see information on information on different battle units and tools that can be used. There is also a page with battle tactics that can be used to defeat other players more easily. If there is something you think is missing feel free to contact us by email. Click here to play Goodgame Empire.

Link to Attack Units PageAttack Units: These are the soldiers that are used for attacking. Examples include: crossbowman, maceman, heavy crossbowman and two-handed sword.


Defense Units ( Halberdier)Defense Units: These are the soldiers that keep your castle sfae. Examples include:bowman, spearman, archer, longbowman, halberdier.

Swordsman All RounderAll Rounders: These soldiers do a bit of everything but don't do that good of a job. An example is the swordsman. 


Siege Tools: These tools are used to make attacking other players easier. An example is the iron ram.


Defence Tools: These tools are used to make the job of defending your castle easier. An example is stone throwing.













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